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Welcome to NEFSFPA

Increased pressure on land owners and land users to implement effective veld fire management strategies led to a reciprocating increase on FPA’s to improve the level of technical service and support offered to members. The increased demand for human and other resources cannot be met by smaller FPA’s in a sustainable manner. The North Eastern FS FPA was formed when it became clear that smaller FPA’s is no longer viable. The North Eastern FS FPA covers an area of approximately one million hectares in the eastern part of the Thabo Mofutsanyana District Municipality. North Eastern FS FPA is an amalgamation of various smaller FPA’s that were mostly situated in the Phumelela and Maluti-a-Phofung local Municipalities.

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Who May Join North Eastern FS FPA?

Any person from who’s land a fire can start or spread where such a fire can be classified as a veld fire and who is deemed to be the responsible person or entity may join North Eastern FS FPA.

The National Veld and Forest Fire Act (Act 101 of 1998) deems any person or entity except the owner that is in control of a given piece of land through a contract, agreement or court order to be the responsible person or entity. This includes tenants, commanders, chief executive officers and executive committees or governing bodies of community or other organisations.

The Act however stipulates that all state owned or controlled land must join a FPA should an FPA exist in the area where such land is located.

How to Register:

    Membership Application

  1. Fill in the membership application form with the Verification Code and click Submit.
  2. Wait until you receive an invoice.
  3. Pay the Invoice with a Trade Name as Reference.

  4. Risk Mapping

  5. Download and print the NEFSFPA Risk Map
  6. Completing "risk and resource assessment" per farm/land/property with the member number which is mailed to you.
  7. Scan all the forms and load them on the computer.
  8. Complete the Risk Mapping Form and upload risk map.
  9. Complete the Fire Suppression Equipment Details per Land/Farm/Property.
  10. Click "Submit"

Membership Application Risk Mapping

FDI- Fire Danger Index explained:

Daily sms - two sms will be sent as at 10:00 and 14:00.
FDI = Fire Danger Index
Region = Free State North East
Date and time as actual at 10:00 or 14:00
T = Temperature as at actual date and time
RH = Relative Humidity in % at time of reading
Wind = Direction and speed at time of reading
Rain = on day if so
FDI = Fire Danger Index and Colour as at time of reading
FC = Forecast of FDI as at 14:00
3 Day Forecast = Expected FDI for next 3 days

FDI Colour coding and index:

Blue = 0-20 safe Green = 21-45 moderate Yellow = 46-60 dangerous Orange = 61-75 very dangerous Red => 75 extremely dangerous


The FDI as at 14:00 should be used to burn or not to burn. FDI should not exceed 55 on day of burn or above 60 for the following day.

Rule of Thumb

Do not burn if:
Temp > 20 plus
Wind > 20 plus
Humidity < 20 and less

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